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Our Vision

Investing in African Talent:

Enabling a generation of changemakers. 

We empower people to determine their own life and create their future.

Our Approach

African countries require African solutions to address the issues within their regions, particularly in achieving the United Nations' sustainable development goals.

Our goal is to support and empower young talents on the ground to unleash their potential and develop their own solutions.

Access to education is the gateway to achieving this. It should not depend on the economic circumstances in which a person is born. Therefore, we aim to contribute to reducing this injustice and provide young, dedicated individuals with access to education. However, our work goes beyond just university education, as we also aim to prepare people for life after their studies.


What makes us unique


Education & Empowerment

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world" Nelson Mandela.

We don't tell anyone what the right way is or how it works, we empower, network and inspire.


Sustainable Development Goals

Our work is based on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring that the right people pursue sustainable approaches.


Local Network & Contacts

We support African solutions and, through our Kenyan members, understand the problems and tackle the root causes.


Mentoring & Coaching

Inspiration and support help you get started and keep going. We form a bridge between mentors who have already completed similar paths and offer individual support for the individual needs and specialist areas of our students. We also want to stay in contact with our students after they have successfully completed their studies and support them in realizing their solutions.

Our Story

Friendship and passion connects

FEA e.V. is a non-profit association that was founded in Cologne in 2022.

Our founders Julia and René not only share a past employer but also a friendship that has lasted for over ten years. Over time, they both developed a shared passion and fascination for the African continent. After several discussions, it became clear to them that they wanted to contribute to greater justice through their own association. This idea gave rise to FEA.

Our Team

Julia Draußen.jpg

Co-Founder & Director

Julia Biesel

Julia is convinced that sustainable development can only originate from the people at the local level. She brings her experiences and contacts from her work with a German NGO to FEA.

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Partnership Manager Kenya

Grace Wanjiru Njire

Born and raised in Nairobi, Grace is an absolute asset to us in terms of partnerships in the Kenyan capital.

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Partnership Manager Kenya

Victoria Muthoni Muriuki

Vicki hails from Meru and, through her education in Nairobi, is also well-connected. She supports us as a crucial pillar in local partner management.

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Point of Contact Tabasamu

Larissa Wegener

Larissa founded Tabasamu Jamii to give the most disadvantaged members of our society a chance. Her commitment extends across various initiatives and projects. For her, education above all is a key to improving quality of life.

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Co-Founder & Director

René Navrkal

René is an Africa enthusiast and well-connected locally. Through his own life experiences, he aims to help people access education more quickly and easily. Social justice is immensely important to him.

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Logistics Kenya

Peter Osebe

Peter is our expert in all logistics matters in and around Nairobi.

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    Manager Digital Marketing

    Alain Haller

    Alain is our digital marketing guru. He will strategically set up and guide this for us.

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    Point of Contact Tabasamu

    Haron Kivogo

    Haron, originally from Kibagare Slum/Nairobi, serves as a mentor, coach, and role model on-site for Tabasamu Jamii. He has been involved in his community for years.

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