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Hakuna Mipaka

Education as a foundation

for a self-determined life

The youth unemployment rate in Kenya is high (cf. BMZ), but there is tremendous potential and energy within its people. They have the capacity to shape their lives autonomously, secure their future, and drive sustainable economic advancement in the country through their own innovative solutions.

Through our educational programme "Hakuna Mipaka" (Swahili for "No Limits"), we award scholarships to young, motivated talents who aspire to build their own future and contribute to sustainable development in their country, regardless of their economic circumstances.

The programme's curriculum is connected to the United Nations sustainable development goals, ensuring that their studies are aligned with these global objectives.


Our Selection Process

The first contact

Exchange with the university

We engage in intensive and regular communication with our local contacts. Through this, we get to know potential candidates even before meeting them in person. The university also provides us with the best overview of students who may be suitable for our programme.

During these discussions, we explore the motivations of the candidates and gather information about their personal circumstances.

In addition to the University of Nairobi, we also maintain contact with schools that have a good understanding of the students, in order to identify motivated individuals.

If a person aligns well with FEA's vision, we initiate initial contact with the students.

Getting to know each other

The personal conversation

The personal conversation is the centerpiece of our selection process. In this step, the focus is on discussing motivation, choosing a course of study, and getting to know each other on a personal level.

It is also important for the students to form an impression of FEA in order to build mutual trust, which is essential for future collaboration and the awarding of scholarships.

To get inspired

Motivation & Field of Studies

Through a brief motivational letter, we aim to get to know the students better. We are particularly interested in their personal goals and the academic programmes they wish to pursue. We seek students who share our passion for the sustainable development of the country and have their own vision of how their studies can contribute to it.

Here is a compilation of the programmes offered by the University of Nairobi. We do not exclude support for any specific study programme, but rather focus on the individual vision and motivation of the students behind their chosen field of study.

Realising dreams

Scholarship allocation

After completing a crowdfunding campaign, we allocate the scholarships to ensure ongoing support for the students.

With your donation, you have the opportunity to contribute to funding a part of a scholarship. We will introduce and publicise our students on the website. Regular updates will provide transparency about the achievements of our students. Please refer to the section "The Path of Donation". Additionally, there is the possibility of taking on a complete scholarship through a sponsorship for a student.

In that case, please feel free to contact us directly. If desired, you can closely collaborate on the selection process.

The path of donation

At FEA, we combine the approach of scholarships with crowdfunding. In this way we ensure, that all supporters of FEA know exactly how the donation is being used, and at the same time, we ensure ongoing support for the students at all times.

We determine a fixed amount per student (see sample calculation) that is assigned as the scholarship amount to the student, which may vary depending on the course of study.

Once the target scholarship amount is reached through your support, we, together with the University of Nairobi, make the decision regarding the scholarship allocation (also see the selection process). You will always be informed about which students receive scholarships through your support and receive updates on their ongoing studies.

If you have any outstanding questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Sample calculation

This sample calculation is based on a funding duration of 4 years. All amounts are in EUR. Costs may vary depending on the duration and course of study.

Tuition fees = 2,500 Euro

Cost of living = 1,500 Euro

Reserve = 1,500 Euro

What FEA offers



  • Through our scholarship, we finance not only the students' tuition fees but also their cost of living during their academic journey.

  • The cost of living may vary depending on the student. Possible support includes accommodation, learning materials, meals, and daily essentials.



Personal Support

  • At FEA, we not only act as scholarship providers but also ensure personal guidance.

  • In addition to the university, we serve as an objective point of contact for any questions or issues the students may have.

  • Furthermore, FEA will provide on-site contacts to assist the students with any possible inquiries.


Knowledge Transfer

  • At FEA, we aim to extensively support the students in achieving their goals, both within and beyond the curriculum.

  • Therefore, depending on the students' needs, we offer additional courses to better prepare them for the professional world after graduation. These may include courses on important software applications or financial literacy promotion.


A Strong Network

  • We continue to support our students after graduation, such as assisting them in finding their first professional challenges.

  • Our long-term goal is to build a strong network of alumni and partners on-site who collectively embrace and implement FEA's values.

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